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  • Fostering medical specialists for tropical infectious disease in Cameroon.

    Working as a general practitioner in Cameroon, especially the rural part, got me exposed to quite a lot of diseases very common in the tropics. The difficulty encountered in managing these mostly came with adapting international norms or results in a local rural context.

    This became my motivation to study more about tropical medicine and develop research skills in this.

    I chose TMGH because of the diversity of the program be it in terms of the lecturers, their curriculum and culture. It was like coming to study in both Japan and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in one location due to their collaboration with mainly LSHTM and other visiting lecturers from other great schools in the world.

    My learning experience was great. My journey in the Graduate School of Tropical Medicine and Global Health, Nagasaki University started in October 2019. The staff of the institution have been great and have accompanied me through their lectures which stem from their extensive experiences in the field associated with world class laboratories and other learning accessories found here. I feel blessed to be able to study in TMGH. It was enabled by an administration and teaching staff that made sure we had the optimal conditions for learning and mentorship.

    My Masters in Tropical Medicine will enable me to return as a more refined scientist, who can carry out research and adapt solutions to ailments in my context, rural Africa. This also enables me to play an integral part in policy making and adoption. I have started a new journey after my masters as I currently work at Epicentre in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

    My plans are to get more field experience and ultimately a PhD in infectious diseases, especially NTDs, as I have a great interest in academia.

    I believe I can contribute in the training of more research-oriented physicians in my country and also the fight against tropical infectious diseases and not withstanding the new challenge in tropical medicine which is the steady rise in Non-Communicable Diseases.

    I could access all these thanks to the generosity of the donators of the Nagasaki University Global Fund and Africa London Nagasaki Scholarship, especially SYSMEX whose donations enabled me to undertake my studies without having to think about finances.