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Toward the Development of Human Resources for Planetary and Global Health

In the 21st century, our planet is facing multiple global issues such as climate change, environmental pollution, unknown infectious diseases such as the novel coronavirus, radiation damage, population problems, food problems, inequality, gender, religious and cultural conflicts, to count a few. Under these circumstances, Nagasaki University aims to play a central role in the revitalization of the local community and—with the goal of realizing ‘planetary health’—we promote the development of human resources and research aimed to solve global issues.
To achieve this goal, the Fund will work to solve various economic problems, not only for Japanese students who are struggling with studies, but also for international students who have a strong desire to learn and excel in academics but are unable to come to Japan due to economic reasons. We believe that it is extremely crucial to promote research focusing on radiation damage after the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident, which still has a significant impact. We hope that you will support this fund and kindly give us your cooperation.
NAGAYASU Takeshi, President of Nagasaki University

About NUGH Fund

The Nagasaki University Global Health Fund aims to improve the health of all human beings globally, focusing on the control of tropical and infectious diseases and risk management. We aim to (1) contribute to the international community by consolidating learning and research environments, and (2) cultivate human resources that can play an active international role in the field of ‘global health’.

Donations to NUGH Fund

Donations to NUGH Fund can be made in the following ways.
  • Donations via the Internet

    We use "F-REGI Donation Payment" provided by F-REGI Co.,Ltd. for "Donations via the Internet".
    ●Payment method: Credit Card only
  • Donation by Bank Transfer Request Form

    The University will send out a ‘Bank Transfer Request Form’ by mail to the requested address.
    Please fill in the necessary information and transfer the money from the financial institution designated by the university.
    The bank transfer fee will be paid by Nagasaki University (recipient payment).
    If you do not have a copy of the ‘Bank Transfer Request Form’, please request one from the ‘Request Information’ page.
    Please note that all related documents will be in Japanese.

Donor benefits

In order to show our gratitude to all donors, we have set up a digital signage board in the lobby of the Global Health Research Building in Nagasaki University to display the name of the donor for each amount donated, except for donors who wish to remain anonymous.