About NUGH Fund

Creation and Purpose of NUGH Fund

Human resource development is an investment for the future

The novel coronavirus, which has caused an unprecedented pandemic, continues to have a critical impact on our society and lives, and is about to enter a new stage with the introduction of vaccines and variants.
Furthermore, there is a panoply of global health issues, including the medical cooperation required at Chernobyl based on research of the nuclear power plant disaster, and the reconstruction support for the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident, which is still ongoing after more than 10 years.
To address these issues, Nagasaki University is taking on the challenge of fostering human resources in the field of planetary and global health, which can contribute to improving the health status and promotion of humankind.
The development of such a workforce is an investment to create a healthy society. Nagasaki University would like to collaborate with industries, academia, and governments to establish an environment in which excellent students have a financial foundation to enroll and devote themselves to education and research.

How NUGH Fund Works

The Nagasaki University Global Health Fund aims to improve global health, focusing on the control of tropical and infectious diseases and risk management. We aim to contribute to the international community by fostering and discharging human resources that can play an active role internationally in the field of ‘global health’.
Global health human resource development by Nagasaki University
Aiming to improve the health of all humankind Tropical disease and infectious disease control
Controlling the health risks from radiation
Advanced preventive medicine
International health development
Global risk management

Turning out competent human resources

Contributing to the international community
Developing human resources for infectious disease control in the field of "global health"
・Clinicians ・Academic experts ・Practical professionals