Donations to NUGH Fund

How to make a donation

Donations to the Fund can be made in the following way
Amount of donation
Please donate at least 1,000 yen per donation.
We would like to ask for continuous support from those who connect with our objectives.
After receiving your donation, the University will send you a receipt.
If you do not receive a receipt within one month of payment, please contact the Nagasaki University Global Health Fund Office.
Please note that receipts will not be reissued.
Please note that receipts will be send by only email in case donation from overseas.
*All personal information will be managed appropriately and securely and will only be used for the Nagasaki University Global Health Fund project.

Donations via the Internet

●Payment method: Credit Card only
*We use "F-REGI Donation Payment" provided by F-regi Co.,Ltd.


  • Payment can only be made in one installment. Installment payments and revolving payments are not allowed.
  • Please use a credit card in the name of the donor.
  • The date of receipt of donation is not the date of credit card payment nor the date of debit from the donor's account, but the date of remittance from the collection agency to Nagasaki University, and the receipt will be issued on the date of remittance.
  • Receipts will only be sent by email. Original documents cannot be mailed.
  • If you apply in November or December, your donation will not be received by Nagasaki University until the following year, and deduction for donation may not be available until the following year. If you wish to deduct for donation in the year you apply, please make a donation by Bank Transfer Request Form.

Donation by Bank Transfer Request Form

The University will send out a ‘Bank Transfer Request Form’ by mail to the requested address. Please fill in the necessary information and transfer the money from the financial institution designated by the university.
The bank transfer fee will be paid by Nagasaki University (recipient payment).
If you do not have a copy of the ‘Bank Transfer Request Form’, please request one from the ‘Request Information’ page.

Tax Benefits of Donations

Donations to the Nagasaki University Global Health Fund are tax-deductible in Japan for both individuals and corporationsand measures will be applied.
* Only those who pay taxes in Japan are eligible.
Donations from individuals

■Income tax deduction
(Amount of donation - 2,000 yen) deducted from taxable income
Upper limit: 40% of gross income.

■Individual resident tax deduction
* Limited to cases in which the prefecture or municipality in which you live designates Nagasaki University as a corporation eligible for the deduction of donations by ordinance.
Individual prefectural tax → (Amount of donation - 2,000 yen) x 4% deducted from income tax
Individual municipal tax → (Amount of donation - 2,000 yen) x 6% deducted from income tax
Upper limit: 30% of gross income.

Donations from corporations
In accordance with Article 37, Paragraph 3, Item 2 of the Corporate Tax Law, the full amount can be included as a deductible expense.